Facial Massage Rituals You Can Do Every Day

Stress, hectic schedules, junk food, pollution, lack of sleep, and exercise- this is the story of every urban dweller these days. All these take a heavy toll on the facial skin.

They lose their tone, texture, glow, and natural innocence. Frankly speaking, cosmetics do more harm than good. Is there a sensible and workable option? Yes! Facial massage can bring back the lost glory to a great extent. It is simple, no expenses, and can be self-administered.

Read on to get acquainted with the facial massage ritual and get ‘glowing.’

What is a facial massage?

The manipulation of the tissues of the face with fingers or some tools is known as massage. It offers relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

The humankind has used massage therapy from time immemorable. All ancient civilizations have referred to it and adopted it as a part of their culture.

Lately, interest has revived in the facial massage because of the immense benefits it has to offer. A few minutes of facial massage in the busiest of the schedule is worth the time and effort.

Let us see its benefits and the right way to do it. No need to visit the spa, you can do it yourself at your convenience and your place.

The advantages of the facial massage

The proponents of massage can write volumes on the tangible and intangible benefits of massage. But some of those, that mean a lot to us are as follows:

  1. It visibly de-puffs the face and increases the microcirculation of blood.
  2. Cleansing of the skin takes place from inside to out, because of the drainage of lymph and toxins.
  3. Facial massage firms the skin, tightens it and removes or at least reduces the fine lines.
  4. The tone of the skin improves perceptibly.
  5. It makes the skin look young and bouncy.
  6. The facial muscles and the tissues are completely de-stressed.
  7. In addition to the face, the neck and shoulders also lose their stress and feel light and strong.
  8. Because of all the above benefits, the face looks ‘fresh’ and ‘lively.’
  9. The facial massage also relieves the sinus pain and headache to a large extent.
  10. In addition to these physical benefits, it feels immensely soothing and elevates the general mood and confidence.

One needs to do facial massage in the right way to reap all the above benefits.

Massage tools

Though fingers and palms are the most popular tools for facial massage, many people find Gua sha tools, Kansa wands, crystal rollers, or sculpting bars more convenient. Apart from the intrinsic benefits of the massage, the tools add their own bit of advantages.

The frequency or the medicinal properties of the tools as they rub over the skin is imparted to the skin, and that is good.

How to do it?

Quite often, we have scrubbed and rubbed our face vigorously to shake off the lethargy and dull mood. Just a few random rubs on the face energizes us. A systematic and properly executed facial massage is capable of delivering all the above benefits.

The preliminaries:

  1. Before the facial massage, it is advisable to rub your palms together to warm it up. A warm hand is more effective in a massage.
  2. Apply some slow/medium absorbing carrier oil to the face. The suggested oils are almond oil, avocado oils, Jojoba oil, or apricot kernel oils. In case of none availability of these oils, use any light oil.
  3. Remember to exert gentle to medium pressure of hands. High or intense rubbing of the skin may damage the capillaries for no good use.
  4. The easiest and practical to use fingers are the forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger. Remember to remove the rings or any other accessory from these fingers before the massage. It is to avoid damage or cut to the skin.
  5. In most of the facial massage, the stroke used is a sweeping stroke that moves outwards or upwards on the face.

Begin the massage:

  1. Keep the designated three fingers of both the hand on the center of the well-oiled chin.
  2. Gradually, with light pressure, rub the fingers along the jawline on the respective sides of the face. The pressure should be enough to lift and move the skin towards the ears.
  3. Repeat this motion for five to fifteen times. The skin will feel a bit warm and worked up.
  4. Next, keep the fingers on either of the cheeks, touching the corners of the mouth.
  5. Move them with moderate pressure over the cheeks to the center of the ears. Repeat this motion a couple of times.
  6. Remember to keep the strokes smooth, even, and going upwards.
  7. If the skin has absorbed oil or dried out, please apply some more oil. It is essential to keep the skin lubricated.
  8. Keep the knuckles on respective sides of the cheek, just touching the lips. From there, push it up to the cheekbone and hold it there for a few moments.
  9. Now laterally push the knuckles to the ears. It drains the lymph.
  10. Next, keep the fingers on either side to the nostrils and move them upwards straight up to the respective temples. Do not use just the tips of the fingers, instead ensure that more than half of the fingers are in touch with the skin. Repeat a couple of times.
  11. With alternating palms, lift the skin from the jawline to the temple on the left side. Repeat with both palms on the right cheek also. Use five to 10 strokes on either cheek.
  12. Criss-cross with fingers at the outer end of the eye to iron out crow’s feet.
  13. With the three fingers of either hand stroke the forehead up and down and criss-cross a bit vigorously. It improves the blood circulation and drains lymph and toxins out from there.
  14. With the fingers and the thumb of respective hands, pinch eyebrows and move towards the outer edge. Use very light pressure.
  15. For lifting of the neck skin, use the palms to stroke the neck from bottom to top in long sweeping and alternating strokes. In case drainage of lymph is the objective, use strokes downwards from the chin and jawline to the clavicle (collar bone).
  16. Finally, with the fingers press on the collar bone for a few moments.

Any time of the day is good for the facial massage.  However, mornings and evenings are more effective and suitable. Morning facial massage will freshen up and awaken the skin beautifully, whereas the evening massage is good for toxin and lymph drainage.

Precautions and care

Facial massage is very safe and has no side effects. However, ensure that the skin is not broken on the face anywhere. There should be no painful sore or bumps on the face. Check the suitability of the oil with your skin before using it. In case you have high blood pressure or any such ailments, check with your doctor before the massage.

Remember to drink a sufficient amount of water after the facial massage. It helps the drainage of the toxins and prevents the feeling of discomfort, if any.

Just a few minutes can make your skin healthy and glowing. It is not just about beauty; it addresses hygiene also. A bright face and a happy mood is the best thing you can gift yourself. It has no side effects, no reactions, no dependency, and is simple.