Best Massage Guns Under 200USD

Athletes of all skill levels suffer from muscle pain and muscle cramps. This tension can be uncomfortable, but it can also make your workouts more difficult at best and painful at worst. Fortunately, there are massage guns, a new recovery solution that athletes and physical therapists trust.

Massage guns (also known as percussion massagers) are portable devices that provide targeted muscle relief where stretching isn’t enough. The compact devices use a rubber tip and a percussive vibration massage to warm up, loosen and relax muscles. The concept is simple: a fast-moving hammer hits your muscles, but the results are complex. With a massage gun, you can break those hard knots, get the blood flowing to your muscles before a workout, and reduce inflammation after a workout for less pain the next day. Besides, percussion massagers are also a good aid to de-stress.

Casual fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes reap the benefits of massage guns, but one percussion massager has dominated the conversation: Theragun. The high-end massager is great, but it’s priced intimidatingly (the PRO model costs $ 599).

However, Theragun is not the only percussion massager that is worthwhile. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, read on. We’ve rounded up the best for Massage Gun for under $ 200.

Review For Massage Gun Under $ 200

As mentioned above, there are a large number of massage guns available in the $ 100-200 price range. But most are from unrecognized brands. That is why we have selected only those products/brands that have been tested by our team.

Theragun mini QX35 motor with QuietForce technology

The Theragun mini is the most affordable massage gun among the fourth generation of Theraguns. It is a combination of unique design and great ease of use. But the reason for making it our top choice is Therabody’s brand reputation and reliability.

The design is very similar to a saddle. Such an exclusive design ensures a good grip and makes it super ergonomic.

Contrary to the Elite design, the percussion power is normal. With a knock-off force of 20 pounds and a stroke length of 12 mm, the percussion is good, but not very professional.

On the other hand, great ease of use compensates for normal percussion. Weighing in at 1.43 pounds and with a sound of about 50 dB, the Theragun mini is one of the lightest and quietest massage guns available. Theragun mini will cost you less than $ 200.

Plus, the 2.5-hour battery life and three-speed options [between 1750-2400 beats per minute] are great for the price. Also, when packed in the case, Theragun mini feels exceptionally compact.

Unfortunately, Theragun Mini comes with only one accessory. While you can use other fourth-generation Theragun accessories, they cost extra money.

You may not find Theragun Mini very affordable compared to Chinese manufacturers. But because of Therabody’s brilliant customer support, we consider it the best massage gun for under $ 200.

The only drawback that can be found in Theragun Mini is the regular percussion. But this regular percussion works best for beginners. However, professionals should go for some powerful devices.

Exclusive for massage gun enthusiasts – affordable alternatives from Theragun.

Medcursor MG02 Mini

It’s rare not to find a list of affordable massage guns without Medcursor products. This is because their products offer a combination of excellent percussion with many unique features.

The design is straightforward and uncomplicated, but at the same time strong and durable.

Medcursor Mini has a closing force of 30 pounds and a stroke length of 12mm. Both values ​​are relatively better than Theragun Mini, but it cannot be called a powerful massage gun.

From a usability point of view, Medcursor Mini is second to none. It has options of 12 speeds and six accessory heads; It’s the most customizable massage gun on the list.

Likewise, a 2400 mAh battery lasts about 5 hours, but the battery is not removable. Even when working at full speed, the noise never exceeds 55 dB. The 2.5-pound weight isn’t bad either.

But the best thing about Medcursor Mini is the built-in massage modes. After the recent update, Medcursor Mini offers massage modes similar to the $ 600 Theragun PRO and $ 400 Hypervolt plus.

Along with all of these things, it comes with a one-year warranty and a compact carrying case. Medcursor is also one of the trusted brands with excellent customer support.

With no drawbacks worth mentioning, Medcursor Mini won’t disappoint you when looking for the best massage gun under $ 200.

TimTam All New Power Massager

Tim Tam Tech is one of the few names in the massage gun industry. Their massage guns became popular for their powerful percussive action. This TimTam Power Massage is the most powerful massage gun on the market today.

In its design, TimTam Power Massage resembles an electric jigsaw. TimTam was heavily criticized for making such a design. Regardless of the appearance, such a design provides a comfortable grip.

With a high stopping power of 80 pounds and a stroke length of 16 mm, the TimTam Power Massager can perfectly percuss even the most powerful muscles.

As you’d expect from its powerful percussion, the TimTam power massager’s usability isn’t remarkable. Having a single speed, an accessory head, and just 40 minutes of battery life make it a little less useful.

It’s also not quite as quiet as other massage guns. But things like a rotating head and removable batteries try to make up for these minor usability features.

The device comes with a large sturdy case and has a one-year warranty. Also in his customer service, Tim Tam is better than many other brands of massage guns.

One thing we have to mention about TimTam Power Massager is that it is not for everyone. If you have powerful muscles, you can endure intense strength. Likewise, the usability features are not suitable for beginners.

That’s why TimTam Power Massager has limitations, but because of its great power, we consider it one of the best massage guns under $ 200.

NoCry Wireless Massage Gun

Unlike the top three massage guns on the list, the NoCry wireless massage gun is a complete package in usability and percussion. NoCry is also a trusted brand of massage guns. That’s why we consider the NoCry wireless massage gun to be one of the best massage guns under $ 200.

While this massage gun has a standard manual design, it has an additional 15-degree tilt. Such a tilt provides a secure grip and makes it easy to handle.

In terms of percussion, the NoCry Massage Gun is perfect for most people. The 55-pound stall force and 12mm stroke length are great for benefits like myofascial release, but they’re also perfect for post-workout recovery.

Five-speed options and an adjustable head with four accessories help with percussion. Although the battery is not removable, it will last about 4 hours.

Likewise, the weight and noise are 2.2 pounds and 60 dB, respectively. Both values ​​show great usability. Also, the NoCry massage gun comes with a solid carrying case in which the device and accessories are stored.

Finally, NoCry is a diverse brand that creates diverse security teams and has impeccable customer service. So, due to its wide usability, you won’t regret buying it.

But keep in mind that NoCry currently has a massage gun, but brands like Theragun, Medcursor, and TimTam have a diversity to offer.

Kingsfield Ultra-Slim Massage Gun

The Kingsfield Ultra-Slim Massage Gun, which was released in early 2020, has similar characteristics to Theragun Mini. But the valid selling point of the Kingsfield massage gun is its lightweight.

The overlap of the basic Kingsfield massage gun design is similar to that of other portable percussion devices. But there are two significant differences. The first is the rectangular handle, which is unimpressive. While the second has a touch screen.

With a stroke length of 12 mm and a stall force of 30 lb, the basic percussion is comparable to the Medcursor Mini. At the same time, features such as six-speed options and five accessory heads help with this percussion.

Unique to these accessories is that they are exceptionally clear for the price.

The Kingsfield Ultra Slim Massage Gun weighs about 1.45 pounds, roughly the same as Theragun Mini. Other features such as battery life [~ 4 hours] and noise [50 dB] also stand out for the price.

Like every other massage gun on the list, it comes with a carrying case. But the only thing about the carrying case is the super-strong construction. Surprisingly, no other massage gun has such a sturdy carrying case. Kingsfield also offers a one-year warranty on this unit.

One thing we have to mention is that Kingsfield is a relatively new brand, especially in the massage gun industry.

Despite our excellent experience with them, we are not getting any specific results unless verified by other sources.

Overall, Kingsfield’s ultra-slim massage guns are great value for money and won’t disappoint.


A replica of the all-time popular Hypervolt, the Opove M3Pro is the best-selling massage gun on Amazon. It offers a brilliant combination of features at an affordable price. But because of its great build, we consider it one of the best massage guns under $ 200.

In its design, the Opove M3 Pro is a perfect example of standard handheld massage guns. However, the textured grip is very comfortable and ultimately an easy-to-use massage gun.

With a locking force of 30 pounds and a stroke length of 12mm, Opove M3Pro percussion is on par with similarly priced massage guns. The three-speed options are average for the price. But because of the drum range of 1800-3200 PPM, the speed seems different.

The Opove M3 Pro’s battery is not only removable, but it also lasts about 3 hours. Likewise, the noise is somewhat acceptable [about 60 dB].

Plus, the 2.5-pound weight and four accessories are reasonable for the price. But the Opove M3Pro’s selling point is its rugged construction. With a rugged polymer construction, this is the most durable massage gun on the list.

Like other massage guns, it comes with a carrying case. The case construction is great, but we expect it from Opove.

As a brand, Opove has evolved impressively. From a pure Amazon business to building your exclusive online presence, it all happened in one year. In fact, it has become one of the most trusted massage gun brands.

Anyone looking for the best massage gun under $ 200 will find the Opove M3Pro among the competition.

AddsFit Max

Addsfit Max was launched in early April 2020 and started to attract attention very quickly. It was released in 2020 and has some impressive usability features. Because of these features, we consider it one of the best massage guns under $ 200.

In terms of design, AddsFit Max is similar to Hypervolt and Opove M3Pro. But the silver-gray construction makes it look more attractive. Also, the build quality is good, if not remarkable.

AddsFit Max has a staggering force of 35 pounds while ironing the 12mm length. Under these parameters, it behaves in the same way as its pricing counterparts. But the nine-speed options help this percussion make it more customizable.

While AddsFit max comes with five different accessories, these accessories are relatively simpler than other massage guns. However, the build quality of these accessories falls short.

Other features, such as ideal sound, a sturdy carrying case, and lightweight, make it worthy of being called the best massage gun under $ 200.

AddsFit Max’s battery life makes it distinctive. It’s removable and lasts about 6 hours.

Despite so many brilliant features, the reason for leaving it on the list is because of the brand. Since AddsFit is a relatively new brand, we don’t want to overdo their services until many people can try them.

Given its modesty, we consider AddsFit to be an excellent massage gun for the money.

Check out Addfit Max in the official store and don’t forget to use a coupon “MGA20” to claim your 20% OFF the retail price.

Playmakar MVP massage gun

Like AddsFit, Playmakar is a new brand in the massage gun industry. Because of this naivete, it ranks last on our list.

The design is very simple, but at the same time very durable. The matte black color gives it a charismatic appearance, while the LED touchscreen makes it easy to operate.

Playmakar MVP is strange on percussion because it is not an accurate deep tissue massage gun [Stroke length 10 mm] while the blocking force is excellent [40 lbs].

The six-speed options of the Playmaker MVP are enough to cover the deep percussion range. Likewise, its 50 dB noise makes it one of the quietest massage guns on our list.

The five well-built accessories provide a customizable massage. At the same time, a weight of 2 pounds is ideal for any massage gun client.

Despite the design of the handheld, the battery is not removable. The battery lasts about 3 hours.

A major drawback of this Playmakar MVP is that, unlike most other massage guns, it does not come with a carrying case. Fortunately, even after buying a $ 25 box, it still costs less than $ 200.

As an American brand, PlayMakar works hard to build a good reputation in the massage gun industry. We’ve seen a dedication in your customer service. We hope that after the launch of new products, PlayMakar can become one of the best massage gun brands.

What Is A Massage Gun And What Is It For?

Massage guns work by delivering pulses of concentrated pressure deep into the muscle tissue. This is known as percussion therapy. We’ve all experienced massage therapy at different times in our lives, but this is a completely different concept – you don’t need a massage therapist because they do the same job (and much cheaper!) From the comfort of your home.

This type of deep tissue massage percussion therapy is designed to relieve muscle pain by loosening knots and tension from them. The rapid pulses of the percussion massage gun serve to soften deep muscle tissue. This has a long-lasting relaxing effect on sore and tired muscles and provides a more targeted massage than a vibrating foam roller. It also increases blood circulation and range of motion, reducing recovery time after exercise.

The best massage guns are widely used by physiotherapists/professionals to minimize muscle tension and joint pain that their patients are concerned about. The good news is you can buy and have a personal one. You can use it after the gym or at home if you feel the need.

Benefits of the massage gun

Owning one of these weapons has many different benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Releases lactic acid
  • It gets to work to speed up muscle recovery after exercise.
  • It works to stimulate muscle growth.
  • Significantly improves blood flow and circulation.
  • Improve your range of motion.
  • Stretches muscles gradually and smoothly (improves flexibility)
  • Target different muscle groups with different massage heads.
  • Trigger point therapy

It’s no secret that these relatively new massage guns can provide much-needed relief to professional athletes who may be doing competitive workouts. However, these aren’t just for the pros – anyone from the gym buff or sports enthusiast to someone suffering from muscle issues can benefit from using a massage gun.

How To Use A Massage Gun

Massage guns are very easy to use. If you want to know how to use a massage gun, just rest it on the target area and let it work. There are a few things to keep in mind:

Start by turning it on so that the head starts to beat. Then you gradually just drive it along with the desired muscle you want to loosen or warm-up in preparation for training (or recovery afterward). Note that you do not need to apply pressure on your part, you do not need to use force. It’s the legumes that do all the work. If you find extra knots or pain in the muscle tissue, let it sit a little longer, and again the pulses will bring relief.

Massage Gun Buying Guide

Below are some important considerations to keep in mind when buying the best massage guns.

  • Massage Speed: The speed of the massage gun is measured in percussion per minute (bpm). Most massage guns can handle about 2,000 to 3,000 ppm, but some go even higher for a more intense massage. These faster options can be helpful, but 2500ppm is good for most needs.
  • Amplitude – The amplitude of a percussion massager (also called a stroke) refers to the depth to which the arm extends and retracts into the muscle. The width of ten to 16 millimeters is typical, which may not seem great, but you will feel those extra few millimeters with larger amplitude massagers.
  • Force: Apply too much force and the massage gun will stop. However, some percussion massagers may require more power than others. The best massage guns can withstand 30 to 40 pounds of force before stopping. If you want an intense massage, choose a model with greater loss of power. This allows you to really dig into tough knots.
  • Adjustability – Reaching those hard-to-reach muscles is much easier when the massage gun head can pivot. Some of our selections have this type of adjustment, and others have variable speed settings for different levels of massage intensity.
  • Noise Level – Nobody wants a loud hum while trying to relax after a workout. That’s why silent functionality is a sought-after feature in any massage gun. In addition to a more relaxing massage, a silent percussion massager will also be easier to use while going through Netflix, for example. Some brands list the noise level of your massager in decibels (dB), and others may use special technology (such as a brushless motor) to reduce the noise level.
  • Portability – One of the reasons for the popularity of massage guns is their portability. Because they are compact and lightweight, you can put one in your gym bag or take it with you on the go. Some are lighter and smaller than others, making these options good for athletes on the go (e.g. hiking, skiing).
  • Movement Type: Do you want just vibration, vibration plus shock, vibration plus circular motion, or a combination of all these massage techniques?
  • Fixation heads and accessories – The number of additional fixation heads and accessories depends on the muscle you want to massage. If it’s the large body parts, such as the back, leg, or arms, then you don’t need too many. If you want to massage your feet or neck, you will need other accessories (most massagers offer different accessories).


A deep tissue massage gun can literally change your life if you suffer from any kind of muscle pain, be it pain during exercise, just general muscle pain, or even a condition like sciatica. Massage guns are a great way to give yourself an (almost) professional massage, at a time and place of your choosing. Most have different types of attachment heads that can help you target your massage on any muscle group or body part. They are much easier to use and provide more muscle relief than a more basic foam roller. They will definitely get the job done!

While some deep tissue percussion massagers can be expensive (our best option is very affordable), you can buy an alternative model for as little as $ 150 if your budget is tight. Battery life may not be that long, but many have comparable power to more expensive models. Remember, this is an investment in the health of your muscles and will ultimately be much cheaper than regular visits to a massage therapist to troubleshoot and aid in muscle recovery.