8 Pressure Points Treatments to Relieve Migraine

Migraine is common these days. The accompanying vomiting and nausea make it very difficult to bear.

Medication helps and subsides the pain. But it reoccurs, and there is no permanent cure. Stimulation of some pressure points can relieve migraine headaches, without worrying about the side effects and after-effects.

Here we mention some migraine pressure points on the ear and face. You can always use them if required.

Important pressure points to relieve migraine

There are specific pressure points on the face and ear, which when stimulated relieve migraine. Use your forefinger or the thumb to exert pressure on the points suggested.

The pressure should be good enough for you to feel it. It should not be light. Location of the exact spot is a must. In case you are not able to exert that force with your finger, you can use a blunt round peg, about the thickness of a pen.

How to know if you have hit the spot?

You know the coordinates of the spot. So you can locate it on your face and body generally. But every face and body is different in shape and size.

Some fine-tuning will get you to the ‘exact’ spot. Once you are in the general area of the pressure point, keep pressing with your finger in and around the specified point.

As you do that, you will hit one spot, which will be painful to press, and that is your pressure point in that area.

Whenever an organ or part of the body is unwell, the corresponding pressure point will be painful. That is the litmus test to confirm the spot on your body.

How to stimulate the pressure point?

Stimulate the designated pressure point with good pressure. Not too hard, but not too light either.

There are two ways to do it.

1.Once you have got the point, with your forefinger or thumb, start pressing the point. Without lifting your finger, rub the spot circularly. Remember to press with force. Rub in clockwise direction 8 -10 times and then rub anticlockwise 8 -10 times.  The idea is to stimulate the point and release the blocked energy nicely.

2.Once you are on the spot, press hard and hold it for a count of 5. Then release the pressure for a few seconds. Again press hard for a count of 5 and release. Repeat this press-release 8 – 10 times.

Take care to see that you do not injure or inflame your skin. The pressure should be moderate to feel.

The pressure points

Migraine pressure points located on the face.

The third eye

This pressure point is on the forehead. It is between the two eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. It is known as GV 24.5 in modern acupressure literature. Stimulation of this point relieves head congestion. It also helps the drainage of the sinus.

Along with migraine, it relieves pain in the jaw and cheeks. You can use any of the stimulation processes, as discussed above.

Drilling bamboo

This point is on the inner eye corner, on the bone that continues form nose to encircle the eye. It is on the curve between the nose and the eyelid.

We have two of such points on either side of the nose. It is known as the B2 point or bright light point also. Hold your index finger a little sideways and press into this point.  

Keep the pressure on for about a minute. You can do it one point at a time or both the points simultaneously. At this point, avoid circular rubbing as it is close to the eyeballs.

Welcome point

It is useful both in case of sinus and migraine.

The points are little off the end of nostrils on the bottom of the cheekbone. They are one on either side of the nose.  

Stimulate these points by press-release or circular rub s for a minute or so.

Gates of consciousness

These points are on the back of the head. There are two hollows on the upper side of the neck, where it connects it with the skull.

Hold your head with the fingers of both the hands and push the thumbs deep into the hollow. Hold for about five seconds and release. You can continue doing this for 2 -3 minutes.

This pressure point is very effective for migraines if done well.

The wind mansion

There is a hollow on the back of the neck where it meets the skull.

This point is inside that hollow. It is midway between the ears. This point is also known as GV 16

It relieves migraine and mental stress.  Stimulate using either of the methods, which suits you.

Migraine pressure points located on the ear.


This point is on the back of the earlobe. The location where the flesh of the lobe meets the cartilage is the windscreen point.

Stimulation of this point eases migraine. The press and release technique is more suitable at this point.


It is probably the most effective point on the ear to deal with migraine. This point is in the innermost cartilage of the outer ear.

Many people pierce this point and claim total relief from migraine.

You can try either the press release and circular rub technique on this point.

Ear gate

It is the point is in the front of the ear, where the ear lobe begins.

The press and release technique is more appropriate for this point.

Apart from migraine, this point is also helpful in earache and ear infection.

Some general care and precautions

Acupressure and pressure point therapy is very safe, and generally, there are no side effects or after-effects.

However, it is good to be aware and careful about some things before you adopt this therapy.

Avoid it if:

  • The patient is pregnant.
  • The patient has varicose veins.
  • The patient has a spinal issue, some bone disease or rheumatoid arthritis.

In case you are a beginner

  • Apply gentle pressure in the beginning and then increase the pressure gradually.
  • Do not work on wounds, tumours or broken skin.
  • Keep your breath deep, slow and steady
  • In case you feel uncomfortable, please discontinue and see a doctor.

Pressure point treatment comes as a handy and straightforward therapy to manage excruciating migraine. Being safe and with no side effects, you can always try it to relieve your migraine.

It also helps reduce your medication in the long run.