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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a proven technology that helps countless customers to relieve various pain problems. 

fast effective

Fast and Effective

Operated with TENS pulse, immediately feel the pulse working its magic.

Suffer from acute or chronic pain? TENS therapy is your best partner.

daily treatment

Massage Everyday

We can’t book a massage every single day, since it costs a lot of time and money.

Self massage is convenient. You can have TENS therapy at anytime anywhere.

no painkillers

No More Painkillers

Save your painkillers (and painkiller money) for extreme circumstances.

You can have a daily dose of pain relief without having to spend money on pills.


Construction work isn’t easy and the strain on my neck is just as harsh as the one on my forearms and knees. Usually, I’d take a few painkillers and go about my day. My neck feels much relaxed after using the neck massager. Nice to bring it along with my work.

construction workers
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I’ve been working from home for years now, focusing on elevator repair specs and other related fields. Since I do most of my work sitting down, I need a good neck massager, and the pulse feel very different from the traditional massager…it’s beyond awesome.