A guide for foot reflexology

Without modern medicines and medical science, how did our ancestors manage good health? One of the most common ancient treatments for the prevention and cure of diseases was ‘Foot reflexology.’

Chinese foot massage and foot map

Overdependence on drugs and medication is not at all advisable. The side and after-effects of most of the medicines become challenging to handle in later stages of life.

Eight Pressure points for anxiety

Let us explore a straightforward and practical way to handle anxiety. Next time you are tense or anxious, do not head for the antidepressant. Try a better and sensible alternative-acupressure.

Seven acupressure points to relieve constipation

There is no need to suffer silently from constipation any longer. Stop depending on laxatives and harmful medicines. A very safe, effective therapy in the form of acupressure is now available to relieve you from constipation.

The benefits of ear reflexology

Can there be a simple massage that can be self-administered? How wonderful it would be if it can take care of some physical and mental issues as well. Read on to get more insights on this super super-efficient and straightforward therapy.