Gua Sha Tutorial by Body Part

Gua Sha is one of the method you can try at home easily. Very often we experience pain and sore in the neck, knee, and back. Attribute that to either lousy posture or lifestyle, but the pain is very irritating and disturbing.

Gua sha for face: Steps and technique

Facial Gua Sha has been here for a long time. Science and culture have searched for ways to improve, maintain and enhance the beauty of the face. Most remedies and skincare routines focus on the appearance & clearness of the skin. The ancient Technique of Facial Gua Sha is also known to achieve these cosmetic results & beyond effortlessly.

A guide for foot reflexology

Without modern medicines and medical science, how did our ancestors manage good health? One of the most common ancient treatments for the prevention and cure of diseases was ‘Foot reflexology.’

Cao Gio: Does skin coining work?

Cao Gio is one such East Asian therapy that can cure several minor ailments and discomforts straightforwardly and effectively. The best part of the treatment is its simplicity, wherein anyone within a matter of a few minutes can learn and execute the therapy.

How tech neck develops and tips to prevent it

Working long hours at the computer and using smart devices can severely impact many parts of your body and majorly, the spine. Out of many physical disorders, one of them is Tech neck, very prevalent these days.

Chinese foot massage and foot map

Overdependence on drugs and medication is not at all advisable. The side and after-effects of most of the medicines become challenging to handle in later stages of life.

Gua Sha massage therapy: How does Gua Sha work?

Gua Sha is one such time tested and popular therapeutic technique of East Asia. Tired of symptomatic treatment by the allopathic medicines and its associated reactions and side effects, many people have started looking at ancient techniques and therapies for wellbeing.