2 Natural Treatments to Help Arthritis

Natural treatments for Arthritis are safe, effective, and free from any side effects of drugs. Prolonged natural treatment may also reduce the need for medications. Two common ways to treat arthritis is Arthritis massage and Arthritis stretching, as natural therapies are gaining acceptance worldwide. It has multiple benefits. You can opt for natural therapies along with your medical treatments.

How TENS Unit can Help with your Arthritis

The TENS unit can surely reduce the pain and suffering of arthritis. The medications may make the condition bearable, but Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy has proved to bring relief in pain and improve the movement of the joints. It works equally well for Acute as well as chronic pain of the joints.

TENS Unit for Foot Pain

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy is highly effective in managing foot pain. The TENS unit can put you back to work in a very short time, and it has several other advantages too. This article shall explain how to use the TENS unit for foot pain.

7 Different Self Massage Tools for Office Workers

Modern life stress and tensions show up in the body in the form of knots and muscle tension and associated pain. Having self massage tools is an ideal option to cope up with such a situation. Which one should you choose?

Neck Pain on the Left Side: Common Causes and Treatments

You may experience mild to severe ear and neck pain on the left side, and sometimes this could be felt on the shoulders too. A dull sensation of pain can be experienced under the ear or radiate down to your left arm. Healthy living and lifting weight could get severely hampered.

How to give yourself a neck massage in 5 minutes

Give yourself a neck massage right at home. Take a break. You really do not have to go to the massage therapist. Many a time due to bad posture, or prolonged working on computer, stress pain or stiffness develops in the neck. It may also lead to headache or heaviness in the head because of restricted blood flow to the neck.